WildFit Quest Review

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WildFit Quest Review

A Unique Health Program

We do not have a healthcare problem in the world. What we have is an individual self-care problem. This is the paradigm shift we need to have, according to WildFit Quest, a novel health program created by Mindvalley.

This program is based on an approach to good health by looking at what are the foods that your body evolved to require and how to get enough of them. That is one part of how this program works. The second is transforming the very way you think about food. With teams of psychologists being hired by corporations selling all kinds of food products, they are manipulating you to desire foods that will deteriorate your health. It takes time to change habits and form better ones, which is why WildFit Quest is designed as a 90-day course.

WildFit Quest is framed as a challenge for you to correct your nutrition and correcting your relationship with food. By the end of the program, you should actually dislike foods that you currently love, but know are not good for you. On the flip side, you will come to like foods that you don’t love right now, but know would be good for you to eat.

WildFit Quest Program

How the WildFit Quest Program Works

WildFit is a program that tackles five major myths related to diet and nutrition.

  • Calorie counting is important to have muscle tone and energy.
  • There is one daily recommended diet, no matter what time of the year it is.
  • You need a personalized diet.
  • The food industry wants to help you be healthy.
  • You must exercise regularly to be healthy.

Diets do not work, exercise alone will not work, and restricting how much you eat won’t work. WildFit teaches how you can maintain the optimal body weight, raise your energy levels, slow down aging, get rid of illnesses, discard false beliefs about food, and improve your overall health.

The program lasts for 90 days and is split up into three major parts, with all students beginning on the same day. Students learn together with the help of daily lessons. All students are connected thanks to Mindvalley’s online peer-to-peer learning platform.

In the first part, during the first two weeks, you get daily coaching on what your body actually needs to be healthy. This is the part of the program that is heavily focused on educating you about the food you eat. There is also an analysis of the six major human hungers and how to quell those cravings.

In the second part, during weeks 3 through 10, you will be incrementally be changing your diet. This is when you will be allowing the natural needs of your body to guide you towards what to eat. Two videos per week will help guide you on this leg of your journey to your prime health. The changes you will be incorporating will be so seamless that you will barely notice you are even making them. Besides the two weekly videos, you will also get weekly coaching, as well as become part of a group mastermind.

The third part of the program takes place from weeks 11 to 13. This is a critical part of the program, which will help embed the changes you have made, so that they stay with you for life. You get coaching twice a week, videos, and a group mastermind. Any questions or concerns you may have can be addressed here, so you can be sure that you will make effective and long-lasting changes to your health and nutrition.

Unlike essentially all other health and fitness programs, WildFit does not require you to perform any sort of physical exercise. There also is no restrictions on your food intake. This program doesn’t work by starving you. In fact, if you get hungry while doing this program, you are doing it wrong. You can forget about counting calories, because that is not how this program works.

This program helps you focus on things you already know that are keeping you from achieving a healthy lifestyle, as well as uncover things you are not even aware of, yet are affecting your well-being.

Currently, there are over 11,000 students who have gone through this course, logging over 117,000 pounds lost. With a 91% completion rate, WildFit is a thriving and successful program that is well worth the investment of time and money. There are plenty of testimonials of satisfied participants, indicating this is a program that will help you achieve something no other diet and health program has been able to do. They have all gone about it the wrong way, because they didn’t take into account the psychological aspects of health and nutrition.

WildFit Quest Reviews

The Verdict

WildFit Quest is designed to help people enjoy their lives more by being healthier and feeling better. Thanks to the soft and incremental changes to your psychology after going through this program, you will end up having a different relationship with yourself, as well as food.

The next Mindvalley Wildfit program starts January 6th, 2020, so there’s still time for you to take part in a revolutionary program. You will receive guidance for 90 days, while spending just 15-20 minutes each day investing in your future health and well-being.

When you consider the cost of healthcare because of leading an unhealthy lifestyle, the investment in this program is incredibly affordable. Consider this an investment in yourself, so you can change the very relationship you have with food and how you look at it. This program is so confident that you will find it helpful that it is offering a free trial for 10 days. You can start the program, go through all the training videos, and be part of all the coaching calls, for the first 10 days. You can then ask for a refund afterwards, but considering the high completion rate, you will likely join the ranks of thousands of other satisfied participants who have had their lives transformed by Wildfit.

WildFit Quest Review

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