Alterations & Tailoring

You can drop off your clothing at any retail location for alterations. They all make it to Twiggy! 

Twiggy received a degree in Fashion Design at the Jogakuin Fashion Design School in Tokyo. She also studied abroad at the Hong Kong Institute of Fashion. Twiggy immigrated to the United States in 1981 and landed her first tailoring job at a bridal shop on Military Highway. In 1983, she moved to Sicily with her husband (retired Master Chief) and taught sewing classes at a base recreation center. In 1997, Twiggy founded her own sewing company but had no idea what to name it! She asked her daughter for help and her daughter told her to name it “Sewing Doc.” When Twiggy asked her why, her daughter said, “Cause you fix everything like a doctor Momma.” Twiggy speaks fluent Mandarin, Japanese, and Cantonese. She loves traveling the world, meeting new people, and working on designer wedding dresses.

Basic Prices


Adult Hem/Let Down                  $12.00 & up
Child Hem/Let Down                  $10.00

Lined or Cuff Pants                        $5.00
Side Seams In or Out*                  $12.00
Seat in or Out*                                 $12.00
Waist In or Out*                              $12.00

Replace Zipper                                $15.00 & up

   *Lining add $5.00     


Shorten Sleeve/Let Down         $22.00 
Shorten Sleeve/Let Down*       $18.00 & up
   *No Buttons



Hem/Shorten/Let Down*    $15.00 & up
Zipper*                                            $18.00
Evening Wear Hem                 $25.00 & up

   *Lining add $5.00 & up 


Replace Zipper <18″                    $25.00 & up
Replace Zipper >18″                    $35.00 & up


Patch                                                      $8.00
Name Tag                                            $5.00
Rating Badge                                     $5.00
Service Stripes                                 $8.00

Dress Jacket Sleeve Rank        $15.00 & up


Replace Button                       $2.20 & up each
Replace Button*                       $1.00 each
*customer provided

Repair/Mending                               $8.00 & up

Curtains Shorten Hem*               $30.00
    *lining < 1 yd
Curtains Shorten Hem *              $18.00
   *no lining <1 yd

Wedding Dress

Please contact Twiggy for appointments and questions

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